News Article - 5/3/15 Charlotte Observer, by Courtney Devores
"Two Charlotte Tribute Bands are turning heads (and ears) on TV"

"You mean I have to go on after you guys? You guys sounded so much like the Eagles! Wow!!"
Jack Blades – Night Ranger
“A good impersonation can be indistinguishable from the real thing, which is why method actors are no longer allowed to play dictators.  Although the Eagles have encouraged the world to “Take It Easy” for more than four decades, taking on the roles of the genteel Classic Rockers from Southern California is a tough task. Not just any musician can nail the harmonies of Glenn Frey and Don Henley, or pull off the talk-box guitar solos of Joe Walsh. With dedication, a surplus of musical chops, and a shelf full of papier-mâché Grammys, On the Border: The Ultimate Eagles Tribute pulls it off, treating fans to an authentic concert experience while journeying through The Eagles’ songbook. The band covers every hit, from ballads such as “Desperado” and “Lyin’ Eyes” to rave-ups such as “Life in the Fast Lane” and “Heartache Tonight” with such accuracy, that listeners may permanently confuse On the Border with the real Eagles.  It’s truly a masterful sound of witness for yourself.” Quote, The Fillmore Charlotte (A Live Nation Venue)

You guys were simply AMAZING! The crowd was blown away & our largest crowd for the Friday night of Fall Fest in 15 years!!
 Kristy Detwiler – Pineville, NC Event Director

These guys do it right.
John Ellison - Amos' Southend

You guys sounded absolutley amazing!

-Sheila Fletcher, Director EpiCentre Pavilion 
From: Dane Bowen
Subject: Awesome at Mint Hill Madness
Date: May 26, 2014 9:47:46 AM EDT
I just wanted to tell you guys I had an awesome time at Mint Hill Madness. I saw you guys for the first time at the Mint Hill festival in 2012 out front of the Town center.  I'm one of those old guys that bought the Eagles records (they were records then) when they first came out in the 70's. It was a magic time then. Thanks for bringing those magic times back with great clarity.  I have seen the Eagles live a few times when I lived in California. You guys do a great job of imitating the best of them in your show and you do it without the dual drums and all the other musicians the Eagles like to use. Your "Joe Walsh" is just as much a freak as the real Joe. Not to say anything less of the rest of you, because it takes all of you.

From: nitann
Subject: 3/15 Show at Fillmore
Date: March 16, 2013 3:10:55 AM EDT
Hi...I guess this email would be to the band in its entirety. I attended your show Friday night, and yes it is now Saturday am and I'm posting an email, without benefit of sleep...insomnia is the mother of inspiration... and though questionable, there is valid reasoning I assure you.  As your following is relatively older, perhaps slightly different than me and generally not posting or sending emails mere hours after your shows, I sincerely hope you read this.  
I've seen a thousand cover bands (quite literally), however tonight was truly extraordinary.  I am relatively new to the QC area and was invited to your show by a friend (who later advised she had been unwell, therefore we sat in the VIP section)  To say neither of us are what one would identify as the 'typical' Eagles fan would be an understatement, however I am an advid admirer of musicality and harmony ...both in sound and band synergy...and as a lover of music I happily agreed. Thank you, because tonight reminded me of sitting in my father's green 71 Ford pick-up, draining the battery and searching for the one familiar song(s) among never ending static. Dirty Laundry and the 'bubble-headed bleach blonde comes on at 5"...and host of other songs before and after were those songs.  
I wanted you to know that we...I, truly enjoyed the show and hope to attend other shows in the future.  Though post Eagles songs like Don Henley's Sunset Grill literally cripple me, even to this day, I still love classic Eagles' hits performed well. I do fully appreciate and love the nostalgia associated with the Soundtrack of my youth.  Please know, girls like me who don't always appear to be the fans of the music you assume we would be, ARE and we greatly appreciate it being portrayed so well.  I wish you All the greatest level of success!

Absolutely amazing! Better than the eagles and a great group of guys! Looking forward seeing them again!
 Mark H – Greensboro, NC
My husband and I went to see you guys last night at the Fillmore in Charlotte. It was an awesome show! You guys were great. We will definitely be coming to see you guys more often!
Anita Lamartina – Mooresville, NC
I will have to say that I have seen many bands over the years and by far "On The Border" was spot on the money. Not only the vocals and harmonies but the guitars were amazing!
Joseph –Fan from Charlotte, NC


Great Job!!! Harmonies sounds!!!.... Impressive gentlemen!!
-Carrie Lynn Cox

5 Part Harmonies with no sampling unlike a lot of other tribute bands! Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!
-Brian Plyer

Facebook Comments from our 11/30/13 House of Blues Myrtle Beach show 
Jim O'Neil Awesome show last night at the HOB in Myrtle Beach. All of us enjoyed the exceptional musicians and the vocals were spot on. Looking forward to seeing you the next time your in MB.
Tom Purcell Everything was awesome. You guys absolutely deserve the “Ultimate”, part in your name. If u can't go see the Eagles, you only have to find "On the Border", you guys rock!!!!
Patricia Willis Do not usually like "tribute" bands.....but, this one is AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE "On The Border"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krista Newman I took my 19 year old, who is studying music, and he was truly inspired by your bands performance. It was a concert that you just did not want to end.
Karen Kirkham Barben We loved the show, you guys rock!! 
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Lisa Clark we loved the show! We hope to see you again soon!
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Deana Jackson Bowes WOW!!!!! Y'all ROCKED!!!! Need i say more ... PHENOMENAL!!!!!! 
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Theresa Middlebrook GREAT show,WONDERFUL music, we had a BLAST. Definitely would do it again. Keep up the good work, ROCK ON.
Jeffrey Stafford you guys rocked the hob tonight. really enjoyed the show. you are all talented and I look forward to your return.